Friday, May 18, 2018

Star date: 05/18/18

Greetings all!

The Dr. MLKing Jr School community has begun the annual "ABC Countdown" of the 26 days before summer. In case you did not get the flyer in the backpack, here is the countdown created by our teachers and staff.

I have also added in a few events in [brackets] to remind everyone :)

MLK Friends is our school's volunteer parent group/PTO - we have a website at and we support our school in many ways including:
- helping with last week's teacher appreciation lunch
- funding some end of year school trips
- learn more about all the ways we have helped support the school - click the "Impact" Tab above
We'd love to have you join us! Email Christina at mlkfriendsgroup[at]gmail[dot]com for more information.

Ok - now for the
Wed. May 16: Art Day...create artwork in your class
Thu. May 17: Triple B Day... wear something *b*lue - as a *b*onus, wear something *b*ackwards!
Fri. May 18: Colorful Day...can you wear all the colors of the rainbow?
[also 5/18: Chinese book fair 3-6pm main foyer near office and School Art Show 5-7pm]

Mon. May 21: Dance Day...all-school dance party!
Tue. May 22: Exercise Day...get ready to sweat!
Wed. May 23: Fancy Day... wear fanciest clothes to school
Thu. May 24: Game Day... play a game as part of class
Fri. May 25: Hat Day... wear favorite hat to school

Tue. May 29: Inside Out Day... wear an item of clothing or whole outfit inside out
Wed. May 30: Jersey Day... wear jersey of your favorite sports team or a team you play on
[Also 5/30: new family open house 8:30am-10am- if you want to meet new families and tell them about our school, email me, Christina at mlkfriendsgroup[at]gmail[dot]com ]
Thu. May 31: Kindness Day... how many acts of kindness can you carry out?
[Also 5/31 8:25am: parents come see 5th graders perform in auditorium: band, orchestra and percussion ensemble]
[Also 5/31 6:00pm: parents come the MLKing Community School Showcase! Bring a dish to the potluck in cafeteria at 5:15, show starts in the auditorium at 6:15]
Fri. June 1: Letter Day... write a letter to the child who will sit in your seat next fall
[Also 6/1: Talent show in afternoon/evening: come see our talented MLKing students!. Food sale profits and raffle proceeds fund scholarships for MLKing students to attend Title 1 and MLKing community school camp! If you want to volunteer at this event email Christina at mlkfriendsgroup[at]gmail[dot]com ]

Mon. June 4: Mismatch Day... wear clashing mismatched clothes
Tue. June 5: Necktie Day... who will have the coolest craziest tie?
Wed. June 6: Outside Day...spend time learning outside today
[Also, 6/6: MLK Friends meeting will move to this first Wednesday 8-9am - meeting location likely first floor conference room - email Christina at mlkfriendsgroup[at]gmail[dot]com  for info]
Thu. June 7: Pajama Day... wear your pjs to school
Fri. June 8: Quiet Day... which class wins the prize for being the quietest in hallway or cafeteria?
[Also 6/8 8:25am: parents come see a not-so-quiet concert in the auditorium with the 2nd, 3rd, 4th graders.]

Mon. June 11: Red Day... wear as much red clothing as you can!
Tue. June 12: Superhero Day.. wear something of your favorite superhero - or invent your own!
Wed. June 13 (Field Day): Teamwork together to have fun on field day!
[Field Day is a great day to volunteer 8am-12pm to help with this really fun event! email Christina at mlkfriendsgroup[at]gmail[dot]com  for info]
Thu. June 14 (Portfolio day) Uplifting Day... reflect with pride on all your hard work as you show off your portfolios this morning!
[6/15 8:25am: parents of jk, k, 1st grade - come see an informal performance with songs and information about what they have learned in music this year. Location TBD]

Mon. June 18: VIP Day... We celebrate our 5th grade VIPs as they prepare to move up to middle school
Tue. June 19: Watch a movie Day... relax and enjoy a movie with your classmates
Wed. June 20: eXtra Recess Day 
Thu. June 21: Year-end Clearance Day... help your teachers clean out the classroom!
Fri. June 22: Zoom into summer vacation! 

Hope all are well and we'll see you at school!

Christina Lively
Mom to a second grader
President, MLK Friends
Alphabet soup enthusiast