Core Value: Family Engagement
The parent volunteers of MLK Friends help the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School meet our school's Core Values - one of those values is Family Engagement.

We host events like summer playdates and school-year playdates, parent coffees, and movie nights. We also help the school with special school events. We welcome you to connect with others in the school in person at thee events - just check the school website events calendar.

Online directory:
You can also connect with other families at the school through the website. Yana, which stands for "You Are Not Alone," is a community-building website developed by an MLKing School parent. (Please note that the Yana website is an initiative supported by MLK Friends, but is not an official project of the school)

You can email the MLK Friends President at mlkfriendsgroup [at] gmail [dot] com.


The Parent Volunteers of MLK Friends