Donate to MLK Friends to support enrichment activities at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School in Cambridge, MA. 

MLK Friends supports field trips, school assemblies, and projects that are beyond the school budget that benefit all students at the school. MLK Friends also provides scholarships for students in need - in the summer of 2017, scholarships tuition that allowed 6 children to attend the MLKing community school summer camp. Read more about our impact.

We are an all-volunteer organization, so 100%* of your donation goes to fund projects and programs at the school. (*Paypal does charge a small fee for online donations, but otherwise, all donations go to the school.)

You may donate through PayPal, via a check, or through DAF Direct as shown further below. Thank you so much for supporting enrichment at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. school!

1. Donate through PayPal 
Click the "Donate" button below to donate via PayPal or to use a debit or credit card. 
You can make a one-time donation or to make a recurring donation, click the "make this a monthly donation" amount

       2. Donate by check 
Please send your check to:
MLK Friends Parent Group
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School
102 Putnam Ave
Cambridge MA 02139
MLK Friends is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our EIN is 47-5266434.

       3. Donate through Donor Advised Fund (DAF) Direct
4. Shop on Amazon Smile
You can support MLK Friends through the program. Amazon donates 0.5% of eligible expenses of your purchase to MLK Friends - but only if you shop through Amazon Smile. For reference, if you spend $100.00 in eligible expenses, Amazon Smile gives MLK Friends $0.50, or fifty cents.

If you want to support MLK Friends in this way, please:

  1. Go to, and log in using your email and password as if you were at
  2. From there select MLK Friends in Cambridge MA as the charitable organization you would like to support. AmazonSmile will save that information and will make a donation every time you purchase through
  3. Please remember to go to, and be certain that it says "MLK Friends" so ensure that you are supporting MLK Friends. 
  4. Note that there is currently no phone app for, and also that you must start from and ensure it says "MLK Friends" to support our school.
Also note that MLK Friends seeks to support local business whenever we can, and we encourage others to support local business when you are able.

5. Donate Box Tops
You can support MLK Friends by clipping Box Tops - each one is 10 cents for our school. More on Box Tops:

  1. Clip Box tops and check the date to ensure they haven't expired
  2. Bundle Box tops into baggies of no more than 50, and label with your name
  3. Drop the bundles into the pink Box Tops box at the school main entrance. 
  4. Box tops are due at the end of October so e can submit them in November, and at the end of March so we can submit them in April. 
  5. The student who submits the most Box tops gets to be Principal of the school for a day!

We appreciate your support!
The parents of MLK Friends.